Stepping Stones Tutors Launches!

“Better teaching for better results.” That’s how senior tutor Jean Giachardi sums up the service offered by newly-launched Stepping Stones Tutors, at its unusual home at the Secret Nuclear Bunker near Kelvedon Hatch in Essex, between Ongar and Brentwood.

Key to success, according to Jean, is the experience which the staff bring to bear, along with small class sizes and tuition tailored to individual pupils.

“It’s a rather sobering thought, but as senior tutors, Claire Jamieson and I between us bring nearly sixty years of teaching experience, in schools and in private tuition! Over that time we’ve established a proven track record, with pupils – even pupils who initially were struggling – going on to achieve top results at school and university, and with extremely favourable comments from school inspectors. And what we’ve done for them, we can do for you.

“What do we bring which is special? I’d say it’s the ability to tailor lessons very precisely to the needs of the pupil. Plus we also have a detailed knowledge of exactly what it is which examiners tend to look for, so we can help pupils focus on the things that matter. Combined with extremely small class sizes, it’s a winning combination.

“It’s not just technical expertise, though. We recognise that learning works best when it’s fun, and our aim is therefore to make it really enjoyable. That starts with our location – having lessons at the Secret Nuclear Bunker just has to be good for your street cred! – and carries on into everything else we do.

“And if you’re an adult who has missed out on the skills you need, we can help you too.

“In fact, whatever you need, we hope that you’ll let us be your Stepping Stones to success!”