Why Private Tuition?

The Benefits of Private Tuition

Having tutored children for many years I have seen the benefits of tuition to all age children, mostly because tutoring engenders confidence.

In most schools it is very rare for students to have any one to one help unless they are what is termed ‘Special Needs’ and have been given a ‘Statement’. Of-course lots of times young people do not require any extra help because they are self-motivated or understand the subject without needing any further guidance.

However, if a child is a day dreamer or does not like to ask questions in front of other children or simply just does not understand without individual help, this is where tuition can come in.
I have found that students who have come for tuition may have more understanding than they give themselves credit for, but need someone to tell them that they are on the right track, or to encourage them in their thought process.

A term of tutoring may be all that’s required for students to realise their potential. With a little bit of encouragement they can achieve that elusive A*-C grade they are hoping for. It may only take some guidance as to how to organise their time and work and understanding of what’s required of them in the exam. Some young people need help with planning or with essay writing.
Other children will need more long term help, maybe in one particular subject, maybe in more, but most children can find the help they need with tuition and so be able to keep up with their peers at schools or achieve a higher grade in their exams.

At Infant level if children still cannot read by the time they enter Year 3, this could hinder their progress for the rest of school, whereas some individual attention may be all they require. Lots of parents feel unable to give this sort of help.

Similarly students who fall behind their peers in Year 6 in the main core subjects, are set to continue into the Senior school.
And, of course, if a student falls behind anywhere at senior level this will affect his/her performance at GCSE and A-level. But help is always at hand and it may be worth investing in tuition to address the problem before it sets in and affects the child’s whole life.